Tourism Boost this Summer in Ashland and Bayfield

Bayfield Area Sees an Increase in Summer Tourism

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If you visited Bayfield this summer and thought it was more crowded than usual, your instincts were right.

Tourism was at its peak that’s according to Bayfield’s Chamber of Commerce Spokesperson.

All 400-some of the hotel rooms were booked most of the summer.

Some tourists were even sent to neighboring communities to stay, which may be why Ashland also experienced an uptick in visitors.

The draw could have been the National Park.

“We saw a lot of people who came up for the ice caves and then wanted to come back and see them in the summertime. So, they were hiking the trail out at Meyers Beach, kayaking, sailing, taking water taxis, so lots of exploration going on there,” said Bayfield Chamber’s Marketing and Events Manager Kelley Linehan.

One of Bayfield’s most popular attractions is yet to take place; Apple Fest will be held the first weekend in October. 

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