Duluth Pack Makes Backpacks for Duluth Students

Myers-Wilkins 2nd Graders Head Back to School in Style

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As we kick off this new school year, students at Myers–Wilkins Elementary will be doing so in fashion.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, Duluth Pack is making backpacks for the entire second grade.

Each knapsack has a patch that says ‘Myers–Wilkins student’ and the school logo, plus the Duluth Pack logo.

Next week when the bags are delivered students can choose one from five different colors.

“The fact that these kids that can’t afford backpacks or don’t have great backpacks are now going to have a backpack they’ll be able to use for the rest of their life, is something that we’re pretty excited about and happy to be a part of,” said Ryan Hanson, a Sales Representative at Duluth Pack.

Though there are only about 80 students in the 2nd grade, 107 bags are being made in case new students transfer to the school. 

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