Redevelopment Plans for RV Park at Spirit Lake Marina

A Step Towards Enhancing Duluth's St. Louis River Corridor

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Mayor Ness’ vision for Duluth is strongly centered around improving and revamping the St. Louis River Corridor.

Wednesday, plans to do just that at the Spirit Lake Marina are taking new life.

The larger plan is to make the Spirit Lake Marina a resort destination for boaters, RVers, and all–around outdoor enthusiasts.

Plans include fixing up the piers and surrounding areas of the marina, and adding something the owner of the property says is missing in the Duluth community right now – full hook–up RV sites.

Plus, owners will bring 14 new sites, each equipped with a sewer, water, and a 50–amp electric hook–up.

The owners say because these piers are long and narrow, there’s really nothing else that can be built on them due to city and DNR restrictions.

“It doesn’t lend itself to traditional structures, RV’s would be the next perfect thing,” said Co-Owner of the Spirit Lake Marina, Charlie Stauduhar. “There’s so many baby boomers out there right now traveling the country, exploring different areas, we get a huge crowd of people from the Twin Cities that love to weekend up here.”

Someone who is not on board with this plan is a neighbor of the marina who owns 13 acres of property just next door.

“I’m against this,” declared Robert Pickett at Tuesday night’s Planning Commission meeting. “It’s been a working man’s marina forever. What they want to do is they want to put an RV park down there, you can look at the density, that is right on the water, and if you know what a new RV looks like, they’ve got these extension things.”

Back in 2008, the Duluth planning department and city council approved redevelopment plans for this exact site.

Then the economy crashed, and it lost steam.

Now, it’s once again gaining momentum.

Cost estimates have not yet been tallied together, but back in 2008 estimates for the project were at about $3.5 million.

Owners hope to start ground–breaking on the redevelopment this year.

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