Annual Raleigh Edison School “Bully Free Block Party”

Duluth School Hosts Party to Stop Bullying

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Hundreds of families turned out for the annual Bully Free Block Party at Raleigh Edison School.

It’s a way for staff to mingle with students and families while also letting the community know about the school’s core values.

Every month there’s a theme teachers hope to instill within students such as; courage, compassion and integrity, which are all virtues that stray from bullying.

The Dean of Students recommends taking the time to talk with your kids and make sure they aren’t being bullied at school.

“Just ask your children what’s going on, how are things going and to share concerns. If someone comes home and shares a concern with their families, just call an administrator or teacher and find out what is going on,” said Raleigh Edison School’s Dean of Students Kristin Regas.

The block party included food, music, a dunk tank and games. 

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