5th Annual MCCU Twin Ports Bridge Festival Redefines “Bullying”

Bullying Redefined to Empower Victims

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The 5th annual MCCU Twin ports Bridge Festival is taking place today at the Bayfront Festival Park. 

Every year the festival focuses on a social issue and holds the festival as what the organizers call, “a pep rally for humanity.”

“This year is all about redefining bullying. And we’ve worked with local schools and ISD 709 to provide a new message that re defines what the actual definition is of what a bully is.” Said Shane Bauer, the Festival Director.

The festival organizers say that bullying is actually a weak moment of a person who needs help.

They believe that by redefining the word, victims of bullying can be empowered, and people who would have become bullies, will think twice.

The festival includes yoga, dance parties, and live music. 

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