Focus on Health: Picky Eaters and New Foods

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If you introduce preschoolers to vegetables they will most likely eat them.

In a pilot study, the Harvest for Healthy Kids Program helped preschoolers try and like foods like butternut squash, turnips and asparagus.

Four head start centers in Portland, Oregon implemented their program.

Two centers introduced the foods twice a week as part of their meals and the other two used them in meals as well as including education and activity kits to improve food knowledge.

The group that received the education saw the highest uptick in willingness to try and like different foods. 

Popular restaurant chain Chipotle is said to be the source of a salmonella outbreak in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Health said investigators have not identified the specific Chipotle item that caused the outbreak, but they restaurant chain recently switched suppliers of the suspected items in question.

More than 40 salmonella cases have been reported since last week.

The cases originated from 17 Chipotle restaurants in the state in mid to late August.

Chipotle said it is working with the health department and that its customers’ safety is the highest priority.


Eating fish may boost more than your mood.
Researchers reviewed 26 studies on diet and depression risk.

They found people who consumed the most fish lowered their risk of depression by 17-percent compared to those who at the least amount.

The link was strong among male fish-eaters than women.

Experts said previous work has suggested dietary factors may play a role in depression.

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