Superior Police Department Introduces New Command Structure

New Structure to Promote Career Development

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The Superior Police Department is getting a new line of command.

The department is moving from having sergeants, two deputy chiefs and a chief, to having two captains, a lieutenant, an assistant chief and a chief.

This restructuring has been a plan of Chief Nick Alexander’s since he took over the top spot.

He tells us he pitched the idea during the interview process and at a meeting with all members of the department.

Alexander says it received overwhelming support.

“I believe it’ll allow us to delegate responsibilities from the top down more easily, more efficiently. Clear up the roles of responsibility for each position and enhance our chain of command within the department,” Alexander explained.

Alexander says this adds the chance of more career development for the officers, “I think in police work in particular, but probably in all jobs, that people look for opportunities and the options to be able to do different things and not feel like they’re going to be cornered into one specific thing for the rest of their career.”

The assistant chief and lieutenant positions have already been filled.

Alexander says he expects the application process for the two captain positions to start Friday.  

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