Engwall’s Corn Maze Opens With Record Crowds

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This weekend was one for the record books for the 5th annual Engwall’s Corn Maze.

The fall attraction doubled its attendance with hundreds of locals and tourists wanting to take on the windy paths with corn you can’t eat, according to organizers.

“It’s a beautiful day for this for sure,” said Mary Jo Aldrich.

It’s three acres of corn where navigation skills can come in handy.

“I got stuck and I got lost through the second part of the maze,” said Logan Michalski.

The Engwall’s Corn Maze has about a mile of paths.

“Wear good walking shoes,” said Mary Jo.

“Walking shoes yea and grab some water before hand,” said Jenna Aldrich.

The adventure is filled with thousands of kernels and games.

“Never been through a maze before so I’m amazed,” laughed Mary Jo.

This year the layout is completely different.

“It’s just all over the place,” Engwall’s Corn Maze co-owner Tracy Lundeen said. “They’re’ s circles, they’re’ s crosses, they’re’ s dead ends.”

A much better growing season has yielded thick and tall corn.

“I like the different heights to of the corn,” said Jenna. “So it was really tall like 12 feet ones and then kinda short for kids too so they don’t get lost.”

But the higher the grain, the harder the journey.

“We went the wrong way once after like the hayride crossing cause there wasn’t a sign for right or left,” said Jenna. “You should go, well, I shouldn’t spoil it.”

Guests can also enjoy a mini maze, corn pits, hayrides, special events and corn cannons.

“As we go into the year we’ll have some actual flashlight tours too,” said Lundeen. “Then you bring a flashlight, go out in the maze in the dark and get freaked out.”

All of this fun has a charitable component.

“I think that’s great,” said Mary Jo.

A dollar from every ticket will be donated to local nonprofits and organizations.

“In our first five years we’ve donated $25,000 to local charities and nonprofits,” said Lundeen. “I think that gives people that come here a good feeling too.”

The maze is open every Saturday and Sunday until Halloween from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  The address is 4749 Hermantown Rd, Hermantown, MN 55811.

Organizers expect to see 1,000 visitors everyday leading up to Halloween.

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