Ashland Police Dept. Raises $32,000 for Artesian Well

In 3 Months, Community & Tourist Donations Raised to Fund New City Attraction

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In just three months, the Ashland Police Department has raised $32,000 in community and tourist donations to go toward drilling a new artesian well.

This after the Wisconsin DNR ordered one of the most popular wells in the city to shut down because of possible contamination.

Officials say these wells are unique to the city, and benefit everyone.

“I mean, at some point in time everyone has stopped here and filled up their water bottle, and they thought that instead of the city trying to figure out how we were going to drill a new well, which is going to cost anywhere from $20,000 $30,000, why not try to see if the community would help out,” explained Ashland Parks and Recreation Director Sara Hudson.

Drilling must happen between 100 and 120 feet into the ground to get artesian water, which is about 2,000 years old.

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