Knowing Your Neighbors: Moose-Cellaneous Gifts

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In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors we introduce you to a woman who was a nurse for 50 years before opening a gift shop along the North Shore.

Nestled along the hustle and bustle of Highway 61 is Moose-Cellaneous Gifts.

“I think it’s just to keep me off of the wild streets of Two Harbors,” said owner Rita Schluneger.

Being a business owner is a second career for Schluneger.

“I was a nurse for 50 years. This is just really an extension of it because you’re working with people,” explained Schluneger.

Moose-Cellaneous offers a variety of items.

The stores name was coined by Schluneger’s daughter-in-law.

“She said what are we going to carry in this shop? I said I don’t know I guess just miscellaneous items and gifts – she thought for a while and then said oh – well let’s just call it moose–cellaneous,” said Schluneger.

The store opened nine years ago.

It offers a wide-array of gifts, something for all ages.

Schluneger said her favorite part of the job is meeting so many new people.

With so many gift shops on the shore vying for business, they all try to work together to keep everyone up and running.

“We refer customers to each other daily and we all try to get a little something different in our shops so we don’t look like carbon copies,” explained Schluneger.

Moose-Cellaneous’s niche is local artists and authors.

“One of our primary authors taught school here so he has lots of good memories about Two Harbors and his books are very popular,” said Schluneger.

Despite the season the gift shop is open seven days a week. 

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