Neighbors Oppose Rezoning

Residents Speak Out; Zoning Change Passes 8-1

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Residents around the 2400 block of Jefferson St. spoke out, Monday night, against a proposed zoning change on London Rd.

The owner of the residence at 2421 London Rd. had asked the City Council to reclassify the lot as mixed use, allowing for a small business to operate on the property. 

Several neighbors opposed the zoning change, because they felt it degraded the residential qualities of their neighborhood. 

2421 sits near the middle of the block that is already bookended by a coffee shop and bank. 

There is no alley between London Rd. and the neighboring Jefferson St. that is causing residents on Jefferson St. concern as they fear a move towards more businesses will result in a loss of privacy.

Despite the opposition, the city council voted 8-1 in favor of the change in zoning. 

Councilor Howie Hanson was the lone dissenting vote.

Before the Council meeting, Councilor Barb Russ said the entire London Rd. side of the block will eventually be rezoned for mixed use.

In the course of the Council’s meeting that statement was reiterated by City Planning Director Keith Hamre.

Hamre said the 2400 block is the only section of London Rd. that has not been rezoned in accordance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

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