Deer Seasons Opening

Minnesota Archery Begins Saturday; Wisconsin Last Saturday

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Deer hunting season will soon be open on both sides of the St. Louis River. 

Archery Season opened in Wisconsin, September 12, it will open in Minnesota on the 19.

Fisherman’s Corner Owner Scott Vanvalkenburg said technology has changed hunting in recent years.

Vanvalkenburg said more people are taking their cell phones and other devices out into the field to stem boredom and trail cameras are reducing the amount of time needed to scout and stay in the field.

Vanvalkenburg said he rarely hunts a site where  he hasn’t already seen a deer on his trail camera.

The store owner and avid hunter added that hunters need to remember to hunt safely.

Hunters can remain safe by properly securing themselves in stands and checking all climbing apparatuses before heading up into their position.  

Several other seasons are already open. 

Minnesota hunting seasons can be found here, Wisconsin seasons are also available online.

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