Emily Larson, Chuck Horton Win Duluth Mayoral Primary Election

Candidates for Duluth Mayor Narrowed Down From 8 to 2

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Emily Larson and Chuck Horton are the names that will appear on the November ballot as the city of Duluth votes in a new mayor.

Tuesday’s primary election narrowed the candidate pool from eight down to two.

Larson – who ran away with roughly 67 percent of the vote – awaited the results at Bent Paddle Brewery with friends, family, and supporters.

Larson received nearly 4,000 more votes than her opponent Horton, but she says the large disparity is what her team projected.

“It doesn’t change how we’re going to run, it doesn’t change how we’re going to talk to people, and literally we do have volunteers going out tomorrow afternoon to start it up again,” Larson explained.

She added, if elected mayor, her priorities would lie in long–term infrastructure needs, housing, and what she says is the biggest thing – balancing Duluth neighborhoods.

“Neighborhood health, neighborhood equity – we have neighborhoods where people aren’t living as long, where there are huge disparities in incomes, and how people are doing,” said Larson.

Horton received 18 percent of the vote.

We reached out to him for comment throughout the day Tuesday and he did not get back to us.

A total of 8,404 ballots were cast.

Click here for a full breakdown of the election. 

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