Hundreds Flock to See Bird Migration at Hawk Ridge

Hawk Festival Happening in Duluth

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It’s a plane? Nope, it’s a bird.

Tourist’s eyes are to the sky at Hawk Ridge as they take part in the annual bird migration.

This weekend the annual Hawk Festival will be held.

It is a chance to learn about the hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of birds that pass over the Hawk Ridge Observatory as they make their way south.

The North Shore of Lake Superior is one of the premiere migratory routes for raptors and song birds in North America.

The best part is that all you need to enjoy the spectacle is a set of binoculars.

“We have a banding station where our banders are actually catching and banding our birds. We have an opportunity to bring some of those banded birds up here and we’ll teach people about them and release them on their way so they can continue their journey south,” said Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory’s Executive Director Janelle Long.

The migration showcase attracts people from all over.

A group of senior citizens came up from the Twin Cities to learn about the birds, thanks to their Life Long Learning Program.

“I’m enjoying being in this environment. Look at the people looking at the birds and a lot of these people are not bird watchers at all,” said Bird Enthusiast Gil Ward.

This weekend’s festival begins Saturday.

If you can’t make it there is still plenty of time to experience the migration.

You can head to Hawk Ridge daily from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. through the end of October to learn about the birds from experts. 

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