Group Urges Duluthians to Adopt New Voting Method

Group Pushes for Ranked Choice Voting in Duluth

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With just a 17% voter turnout for Tuesday’s primary election in Duluth, a local group is asking for the city to eliminate its primary and adopt Ranked Choice Voting, where voters can pick more than just one candidate.

Duluthians will decide whether to move forward with Ranked Choice Voting with a referendum on this fall’s general election ballot.

The Duluth Better Ballot Campaign is hoping everyone votes yes for the voting method they say will create higher voter participation in the future.

“It provides more power to the voters because their second choices can be used if their first choice is eliminated,” said Dr. Robert Wahman with the Duluth Better Ballot Campaign.

Ranked Choice Voting allows voters to pick their first, second and third choice candidates in a single general election as opposed to just one candidate being chosen in the primary election.

The Duluth Better Ballot Campaign believes this method gives voters more of a voice, saves a significant amount of tax payer money by not having two elections and it is bipartisan.

“In eliminating the September voting Duluth voters will be able to pick from all their favorite candidates in the single high turnout general election rather than choose and deal with just the ones picked by a small minority,” said Wahman.

Opponents of rank choice voting argue it is confusing, complex and mathematically flawed.

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