Man Gets 20 Years in Prison for Murder in Superior

Man Sentenced for Murder of 20-Year-Old in Superior

An 18-year-old who murdered a Superior man will be spending a long time behind bars.

Chance Andrews has been sentenced to a total of 25 years in prison.

He’s one of five people charged in connection with the killing of 20–year–old Garth Velin last September in what investigators are calling a failed robbery attempt at his home.

Andrews was 17 when he committed the crime.

Andrews got 20 years of prison and 10 years of extended supervision for committing felony murder.

For his crime of battery by prisoners his sentence is 2 years in prison and 2 years of extended supervision.

For committing theft of movable property and making threats to injure he was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 3 years of extended supervision.

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