Vote to Name Eels at Duluth Aqaurium

Public Asked to Named Newest Additions to Great Lakes Aquarium

The public is invited to participate in choosing names for two new electric eels at Great Lakes Aquarium by taking a new online poll.

The poll can be found on the Great Lakes Aquarium website at or can be accessed from the Aquarium’s Facebook page.

It will close for votes on Tuesday, September 22.

The electric eels, recently acquired from a supplier in Cleveland, are adding renewed energy to the Amazing Amazon exhibit.

Aquarists have added a voltage and decibel meter to the tank so visitors can see and hear when the animals are emitting a charge.

Among the pairs of names from which to choose are Shock and Strike, Amp and Ohm (measurements of electricity), Ben and Franklin, Thor and Loki (Norse God of Thunder and his trickster brother) and Bolt and Jolt.

Fun Fact: Electric eels are not really eels at all—they are in the knife fish family.  

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