‘Harvest Fest’ Celebrates Healthy, Local Foods

Duluth Children Learn About Eating Healthy, Harvesting Food

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Thursday, families in Duluth’s Hillside neighborhoods celebrated the harvest at Myers–Wilkins Elementary.

Through a wild rice station, vegetable displays, and the chance to dig in the school’s garden for potatoes, kids learned where food comes from, the importance of eating healthy, and how to harvest their own food.

“It’s a skill that in years past, when we couldn’t just go to the supermarket and buy food off the shelves, everybody knew how to produce their own food,” said Kathy Bogen, with ‘Together for Health.’

“It keeps them active, it keeps them engaged, it’s something different, it’s something new,” expressed Andrew Philips, a parent of two.

All food served at Thursday’s dinner was grown in the Myers–Wilkin garden.

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