Lucky Second Graders Receive New Back Packs

Family Donates 100 Duluth Pack Backpacks

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A new backpack is something any kid can treasure, but a group of Duluth second graders might have just hit the mother lode.

At Myers-Wilkins Elementary School, second graders got to pick out a new backpack from Duluth Pack, choosing a color between black, blue, maroon, green, or pink.

One family that has twins at the school purchased 100 backpacks for these students in hopes they’ll last through college.

Those at Duluth Pack say this was no small investment.

“We made 100 backpacks total. Each is valued at $200, so that’d be about a $20,000 donation total for these students,” said Duluth Pack sales representative Ryan Hanson. “I think it’s absolutely fantastic that they would want to do something and be a part of this and to think of us at Duluth Pack.”

Even the second grade teachers got to pick a backpack.

Any extras will be given to students who join the second grade later in the year.

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