Two Harbors’ Mayfield Re-Writing Record Books

Senior Swimmer Already Holds Two School Records, Has Sights Set on More

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Swimming wasn’t the first sport Allie Mayfield tried, however once she was in the pool, it didn’t take Allie long to realize she’d found her sport.
“I kinda tried really every sport before i got to swimming,” she said. “Swimming was different from every other sport I tried. I really love being an individual while still being on a team. I like testing my ability.”
She made the Two Harbors varsity team as a freshman. As a sophomore Allie broke the school record in the 500 yard freestyle, a milestone made more special because of whose record she broke.
“The senior that graduated in 8th grade, she had the record before, her name was Jennie Dwyer,” Allie said. “I always looked at that and thought I can reach that as a goal.”
Even with success, Allie admits she didn’t take swimming seriously as she should have.
“I made some decisions i shouldn’t have, I took it a little bit easier,” she said. “I regret that every day, but it’s something I have to live with.”
Even though Allie set the school record in the 200 yard freestyle at sectionals as a junior, she wasn’t satisfied. So this past summer Allie spent every moment she could training as hard as she could.
“I was doing doubles, I was in the weight room,” she said. “I was doing pretty much everything I could to set myself up best i could for this year.”
Early on this season Allie’s efforts have paid off. She’s already reā€“broken her record in the 200. Her mother and coach Heather Mayfield is proud.
“That really goes to show everything that she worked for is really paying off,” said Heather. “She had a bit of a plateau the last couple years so seeing her break out of her shell is pretty exciting.”
As for Allie, she’s set a new goal. Qualify for the state mmet and get on the podium, which would be a first for Two Harbors swimming.
“That’s my ultimate goal,” said Allie. “To be down there and be a top eight.”
“It’s been a goal since I started coaching, was to get someone on that podium,” added Heather. “It would mean so much, to everybody if somebody can make it there.”
If Allie keeps up her pace, the sky’s the limit. Even in the water.

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