How Fall Affects Your Health

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Fall is upon us. Here are a few ways you can take full advantage of all the season has to offer.

It may sound obvious, but get outside!

Besides enjoying the cooler weather, you’ll have your mood boosted by the light, according to Harvard Medical School.

In addition, researchers suggest the outdoors may help with concentration.

Besides that, the season is a great time to take your workout outdoors.

Take a hike, play in the yard or get some extra activity in by simply going for a walk.

Enjoy pumpkins and fruits and vegetables in season.

Those include pears which are at their peak in the fall.

Others to consider adding to your shopping list: spaghetti squash, kale, sweet potatoes and cranberries.

You also can’t enjoy the season if you don’t feel well.

The millions of people who suffer from mild fall allergies can take a few natural steps that might help short of seeing an allergist.

Those include buying hepa air filters, using a saline nasal spray and spending time outdoors later in the day when pollen counts decrease after 4 p.m.

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