KYN: Sixth Street Market in Ashland

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It’s one of the most well–known markets in northern Wisconsin.

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors we headed Ashland where a town–favorite has meat–lovers drooling.

Ask anyone in Ashland,

“The quality of our meat is exceptional. We will not buy from anyone who does not sell us exceptional,” said one loyal customer.

And even those not from the area, “We’ve created a real niche with people traveling through from out of town,” said. Pearson.

And they’ll tell you, the 6th Street Market has the best meats in town.

“I grew up standing on milk crates cutting up __ with dad and the meat in the garage,” said Andy Pearson.

For Andy Pearson, managing meat was always in his blood.

I’m 3rd generation, grandfather cut meat,” said Pearson.

“He’s got some recipes that I’m still using today that his dad brought over from Sweden,” said

Now he and his family get to share those original recipes with the entire Northland.

“We have almost 50 different flavored bratwurst, our specialty in there is our Jerry’s original, which is our best seller,” said Pearson.

Along with the latest smoke products and newest combinations whether its buffalo wing snack stick or a cheesy pepper stick, the market also offers specialty meats on a daily basis.

“We do stuffed chicken breast, stuffed pork cutlets, stuffed beef cutlets,” said Pearson.

They’ve taken home awards from both state and national competitions.
“The state fair, also, we’ve been entering product in. This year here we actually got grand champion smoked beef,” added Pearson.

Co–owner Linda Pearson says all the local businesses in Ashland rely on one another.

“I think it isn’t a one–man show, I think we all have to work together to make a community grow,” said co–owner Linda Pearson.

But, of course, it’s the loyal fan–base that keeps business ticking.

Interaction with a lot of the customers, I absolutely love the interaction, it’s how you get to know people,” said Pearson.

And they keep on coming back for more.

“Actually at this point now after 31 years I can say that I’ve got the grand kids of some of the customers that I had when we opened the store,” said Pearson.

The market also offers a cold deli and makes fresh sandwiches and salads every day.

Plus, you can leave with a take and bake pizza for a quick and easy–to–make meal.

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