St. Louis County Holds Meeting to Discuss Fredenberg Park Plan

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The St. Louis County board held a meeting Tuesday to discuss a resolution requesting a progress report from the Fredenberg Town Board about the implementation of its public park plan for the area known as Fredenberg Park.

But this could be a problem for one non-profit organization based out of Duluth.

Positive Energy Outdoors is a non-profit organization that makes outdoor activities, like rock climbing or dog sledding, accessible to youth, and has been using the land since 2004.

However, at a town board meeting in March, the township approved a park plan with a final point “to not allow any businesses to operate on the park land now or in the future.”

This may include non-profit organizations like Positive Energy Outdoors.

The resolution said that Fredenberg Township wanted to use the land as “Pristine Park Land for Public Use.”

We tried contacting the Fredenberg Township for comment, but they could not be reached. 

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