Duluth Church Finds New Place of Worship

Church Destroyed in Flood Finds New Home

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The old location of the Westminster Presbyterian Church was destroyed by the flood in 2012, and the members were left without a church building they could go to.  

“There was over 5 feet of water which came in violently, part of the floor was cracked and pushed up 18 inches and walls were taken out,” said Paul Rigstad, a member of the church.

The church didn’t have a permanent place for 3 years and 4 weeks, until they restored the former location of the Riverside Methodist Church, and made it their new place of worship.  

With them they brought the stained glass windows that had been in the old church, and installed them in to the new one.

The church says that the location change has not affected the number of members that attend the meetings.

The church will be holding an open house and dedication on the 27th of this month.

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