UMD’s GLBT Director Resigns

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After founding and directing UMD’s Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgener Services office for 15 years, Angie Nichols has stepped down.

The GLBT Services director tells FOX 21 she was retaliated against after speaking out about the nonrenewal of contracts for Shannon Miller along with other hockey coaches as well as the departure of their women’s basketball coach.

Nichols says after she reported possible legal blowback to UMD’s Chancelor Lendley Black, because the women are in protected classes, she began to experience hostility, false accusations brought against her and her existence not being acknowledged.

This happening all while she was still expected to put out positive media around UMD’s GLBT programs.

“More people need to come forward and talk about what’s going on at UMD because it’s a really unhealthy environment,” said Nichols. “It’s the worst that I’ve experienced in 15 years and I’m really glad to be out of there.”

Nichols also tells FOX 21 the work environment caused her to become depressed.

She took a medical leave this summer.

UMD released this statement on behalf of Chancelor Black:

“I continue to reiterate my personal commitment and the university’s commitment to a respectful and inclusive environment at UMD.”

The university also said they are working quickly to fill Nichols position.

She tells FOX 21 whether or not legal action will be taken against UMD will be up to her lawyer.

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