Young Girl Takes the Ride of Her Life

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“’The doctors told us she wasn’t going to make it to a year old,” said Chelsea’s adopted father Andy Bockovich.

Now at 12 ½-years-old Chelsea is defying all odds and taking her first ride in a specialty built side car.

“The whole way here she was just all grins, smiles, laughing,” said Bockovich.

As a baby she was severely overheated.

“When she was one month old her biological mother left her in the car seat in the house next to a radiator, basically overheated her, caused a brain bleed,” said Bockovich.

With this new ride her multiple disabilities take a back seat.

“She can roll her chair right in it straps her down just like he does in her minivan,” said Bryan Nelson with Roadman Campers. “She puts her helmet on and a big smile and away she goes.”

She was alongside Andy on a 100 mile journey down Highway 2 for the 6th Annual Toys for Tots Bike Run.

“It’s better than anything I could have ever hoped and it actually handles very nice,” said Bockovich.

This has been a dream of his for nearly a decade but buying a handicapped accessible side car for Chelsea came with a hefty price tag.

Nelson built them one for a fraction of the cost.

“It’s a lot of fun to build something especially to make a little kid smile, nothing better,” said Nelson.

Donations from the ride will go towards buying Christmas presents for area kids.

For Chelsea and Andy it’s the start of something new.

“We’ll figure some other adventure but this ones gonna last for a while,” said Bockovich.

Last year the Toys for Tots Bike Run brought in $2,000 dollars.

This time around they’re hoping to raise even more.

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