Ashland Prepares For Last Business Rush of Season

Apple Festival, Whistlestop Provide Final Boost Before Winter

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The tourist season is coming to a close on the South Shore of Lake Superior.

As the leaves begin to fall, so does the business volume in lakeside communities like Ashland and Bayfield. 

The next 14 days will see back to back event weekends giving area businesses like the Hotel Chequamegon and Black Cat Coffee Shop one final surge of business before winter. 

Chequamegon general manger Drew Carlson said having two big weekends at the end of the tourist season puts businesses on the right foot to make it through the slow winter months.

Carlson added that his hotel will have extra staff on hand to handle customer needs over the weekends.

The hotel has been fully booked for around six months. 

The Black Cat Coffee Shop will also have extra staff on hand.

Shop manager Max Dunn said Whistlestop weekend is usually the busiest weekend of the year for Black Cat.

Dunn said staffing is usually doubled over the weekend as the Black Cat sells hundreds of extra drinks to runners and spectators.

Dunn agreed with Carlson that the increased business helps to end summer on a high note.

He said it’s nice to have that last peak before things calm down and end the busy season with a high volume of business. 

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