Secretary Simon Visits Duluth to Talk About Domestic Violence

Minnesota Secretary of State Visits Domestic Violence Shelter

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Minnesota Secretary of State, Steve Simon traveled to Duluth to meet with representatives of Safe Haven Shelter and Resource Center .  

The center partners with the secretary’s Safe At Home address confidentiality program.

The program is designed to help domestic violence survivors and others who fear for their safety, keep a confidential address.

Secretary Simon said he is impressed by the many different services that the shelter provides.

He said the needs of survivors have consistently been 2 key things throughout the years.

“One is housing,” he said. “Housing for victims of domestic violence, who found themselves having to move, to get away from the perpetrator to get away from the person who is doing this to them and their families.”

The other is legal representation.

“Duluth is really fortunate there are a lot of lawyers and a lot of great lawyers who are volunteering their time in a lot of cases to help victims of domestic violence. But there’s always need for more,” said Simon.

He said he plans to go back to legislature over and over again to fine tune the current program, and to lend his voice to other programs that help survivors of domestic violence.

If you are in a domestic violence crisis or need help, call the 24 hour crisis hotline at 1-877-880-3094. 

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