Study: BPA Linked to Low Birth Weight in Girls

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The chemical found in plastics known as BPA appears to be linked with low birth weight among baby girls.

Researchers collected first-trimester blood samples from 61 pregnant women and also took samples of umbilical cord blood during delivery.

This study does not prove BPA affects birth weight. It only shows an association.

A spokesman for the American Chemistry Council says the use of maternal blood samples calls the results into question as the Centers for Disease Control advises against using blood measurements for BPA exposure.
Women who have a beer a few times a week may reduce their heart attack risk.

Swedish researchers collected data on 1,500 women over nearly 50 years.

The women provided data on how often they had beer, wine or hard liquor and their physical symptoms.

Moderate consumption of beer appears to protect women from a heart attack.

The team wasn’t able to confirm that wine protects the heart as well as beer does, so they urge follow-up studies to confirm their work.
Seniors who keep working appear healthier than those who quit the workforce.

A study of more than 83,000 Americans 65 and older finds unemployment or retiring associated with the greatest risk of poor health.

This held true even after taking into account lifestyle factors like smoking and obesity.

Experts say this study doesn’t prove working is behind keeping a person healthy, but you should keep working if you can.

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