Historic Cloquet Church Gets Facelift

Northland Uncovered: Queen of Peace Church

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When buildings have been around for decades there comes a time when up-keep is necessary.

In this week’s Northland Uncovered, we take a look at Queen of Peace Church in Cloquet and the restoration being done there.

If you’re from Cloquet you might be used to hearing some bells throughout town.

Right now, they’re silent.

“When they think of Cloquet the Queen of Peace bell tower is a landmark,” said Fr. Justin Fish.

Queen of Peace Catholic Church was built in 1926 and is actually the third church on the property, because of two previous fires.

Now, nearly 100 years later, a big investment is being made.

“They say the life of concrete is 100 years and so now we’re getting to that point. Of course, when they built the church they probably didn’t worry about it that much. They thought “oh this’ll be around forever.” Well, we’re getting to forever,” explained Fr. Fish.

The bell tower is being restored following years of wear.

“Over the last few years, pieces of the bell tower have started to fall off and crack and chip and those kinds of things,” explained Fr. Fish.

It will cost almost $300,000 to make those repairs, but it’s something Fr. Fish believes is worth it.

“The people who built the church for us to worship in now, they made a lot of sacrifices for us to have this building. It’s part of our responsibility as good stewards to take care of the building that they have given us” said Fr. Fish.

Heading inside, you’ll see lines of marble pillars and breathtaking stained glass in a Romanesque style sanctuary.

“When we have guests that come to visit they’re always impressed at the beauty of our church. I mean Queen of Peace, it looks like a church. It doesn’t look like an auditorium,” said Fr. Fish.

In fact, Queen of Peace was recently named the seventh most beautiful church in Minnesota.

“It’s a way for us to honor our creator by showing Him that we can make something beautiful,” said Fr. Fish.

Really, Fr. Fish says claiming to have one of the most beautiful churches isn’t what it’s all about.

“We’ll feel good that we’ve made the effort to preserve something. Not just for us, but for future generations,” said Fr. Fish.  

The bell tower should be finished in about a month. 

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