Knowing Your Neighbors: Deep Water Grille

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A popular restaurant in Ashland makes a comeback after burning to the ground on April Fools more than a decade ago.

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors we take a look at Deep Water Grille, formerly known as ‘The Depot’.

The eatery offers three great tastes under one roof and opened its doors in a new location in 2001.  

“It has been here since the 1900’s. An old classic building, refurnished it. It used to be an auto parts store,” said Sonjia Johnson with Deep Water Grille.

The restaurant houses three unique tastes including Deep Water Grille’s all-American menu, but that’s not all.

“We have the South Shore Brewery where they are famous by their Nut Brown Ale, which is what a lot of people know them by it is an award–winning beer they make,” said Johnson.

The third taste you can try is ‘The Alley’ a sports themed bar.

“What I tell people is that you can bar hop to each different restaurant,” said Johnson.

It’s a perfect option for a date night, anniversary or pizza with the kids.

Johnson has been with the business for 12-years and tells Fox21 they strive to give back.

“Organizations can call us up. We put on pizza buffets and the majority of the money goes back to the group that is involved and it’s really a great place to try and reconnect with the community and help out,” said Johnson.

The eatery enjoys giving back in other ways as well.

They also try to buy food from small locally owned vendors.

“Of course all of our white fish and we go through I would say about 200 pounds in the summertime per week from Bodin’s Fishery,” said Johnson.

Another popular dish at the restaurant is one that the brewery helps to make.

“Beer Cheese Soup. It is of course all–American, been around forever due to the fact that we incorporate the brewery and also our talented chefs in the back,” explained Johnson.

No matter what your palate desires, you’re sure to find something delectable.

Deep Water Grille also offers a ‘Science on Tap’ event, a chance to have a brew and learn about the latest in science and technology.

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