Council Votes Down Bike Lanes

Superior St. Plan Will Not Include Separate Lanes for Bikes

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The Duluth City Council voted 7-2, Monday, against adding bike lanes to the upcoming Superior Street reconstruction project.

The topic has been debated heavily with many supporters on both sides.

Opponents of the bike lanes argued that bicycle lanes would greatly reduce parking and cause irreparable harm to Superior St. businesses.  

The addition of bike lanes to the 80 foot wide streetscape would have resulted in the loss of nearly half the on-street parking spaces in the heavily commercial district.

Supporters of the bike lanes argued that the loss of parking would be made up in new business from bicyclists. 

They also believe the addition of bike lanes would be in-line with the vision for Duluth’s future.

After voting against placing the bike lanes on Superior St. the council unanimously approved placing lanes on Michigan St., pending completion of a feasibility hearing. 

If the lanes cannnot be placed on Michigan St. they will be moved to First St.

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