Councilors Oppose Rank Choice Voting System

Five Duluth City Councilors Speak Out

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Duluth City Councilors spoke out against the proposed rank choice voting system Friday.

Councilors Zack Filipovich, Jennifer Julsrud, Sharla Gardner, Barb Russ, and Joel Sipress expressed their concerns at Duluth City Hall.

The councilors said the ranked choice system is not only complicated, but leads to votes not counting towards the final decision in elections.

“Oakland, California 2014, by the time the winner was decided in the 16th round of counting, nearly 1 in 4 ballots had been chucked because their top choices had been eliminated,” said Duluth City Councilor District 2 Joel Sipress.

The councilor’s comments came before a ‘Rock Your Vote’ event at Greysolon Friday evening.

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