‘Rock Your Vote’ Supports Rank Choice Voting

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The ‘Rock Your Vote’ event is a battle of the bands competition put on by the Better Ballot Campaign.

The organization is behind the push for rank choice voting in Duluth.

Five Minnesota bands performed and the audience used the rank choice voting method to determine the winner of the battle.

The event was emcee’d by Krist Novoselic, one of the co–founding members of the legendary rock band Nirvana.

Novoselic is the current chair of Fair Vote, an organization that looks at voting reform across the country.

In addition to emcee duties, he will also discuss his view on the voting process.

Fox 21 talked with Krist about the subject.

“Rank choice voting, you can really vote with your conscience. You can have a first choice, or a candidate you strongly want to win, even though they’re not leading in the polls,” said Nirvana co–founder Krist Novoselic.

Backstage passes were available for attendees to have a private meeting with the legendary bass player. 

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