Posse Training In Moose Lake

Training Exercise: Search For Downed Plane

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The Carlton County Sheriff’s Office teamed up with several area agencies including the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office for Search and Rescue training, Saturday.

A major part of the exercise was the Carlton County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse.

The group of volunteers provide their own horses during search and rescue operations in Carlton County.

Barb Zimmy is the captain of the posse.

Zimmy said being on horseback allows her fellow posse members to see and hear better during searches, and that the horses often alert them to things they may not have otherwise noticed.

Saturday’s training exercise was a fictionalized search for downed aircraft in the Soo Pits recreation area.

Zimmy said the posse is called out three to four times a year, the popularity of GPS systems has reduced the need for the posse.

Prior to the explosion of GPS technology the posse’s most frequent task was tracking down lost hunters according to Zimmy.

EMS and Fire services were also on hand for the training that lasted most of the day.

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