Duluth City Council At-Large Candidates Debate in Forvm

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Candidates vying for Duluth City Council’s At-Large seats went head to head in a forum Tuesday morning.

It was held at The Underground in The Depot.

The four candidates touched on issues like crime and street maintenance.

“We need to apply the state for funds for our streets and maybe we will have to tax while we’re waiting for those things to appear,” said Kris Osbakken, an At-Large candidate.

“We could take party of that money that we keep funding the rainy day fund which we don’t need and put towards a $2.2 million for the street fees. We also have a one percent city sales tax that’s on the side. We could take a quarter of that and put it towards and you have $8 million. I have a solution. None of these people up here have a solution,” said Jim Booth, an At-Large candidate.

The candidates also touched briefly on Duluth’s drug problem.

“We did talk a lot about the change in drug use going from different types of opiates and the prescription drugs to heroin and how big of an issue that has become. The ability to get methadone and different things like that,” said Elissa Hansen, an At-Large candidate.

“We have the most pure form of heroin that we’ve ever had. It’s a very real problem. We also have to address sex trafficking still. That’s something to keep on the forefront of the county, chief of police. So we have to really address those three real issues facing Duluth,” said Noah Hobbs, an At-Large candidate.

There are two At-Large seats open on the council.

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