Knowing Your Neighbors: A Dozen Excuses

A Superior-Based Donut Shop

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The revitalization of Superior’s Tower Avenue seems to be helping some local businesses flourish.

In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors we stop in at ‘A Dozen Excuses,’ Superior’s first and only doughnut shop.

This isn’t your grandmother’s old-fashioned bakery.

“We have opened up a year and four months ago and we have had a great reception from the community. We do retail, we do wholesale,” said owner Melissa Hyatt.

‘A Dozen Excuses’ offers just that – 12 reasons to indulge in life’s sweet pleasure.

“We do a variety of doughnuts. We also do breads and muffins. We do a lot of cakes. We’re doing wedding cakes now that are actually doughnut cakes,” said Hyatt.

The menu offers much more than jelly and glazed doughnuts.

“Some of our most famous doughnuts are maple bacon. We have a banana split that actually has a real banana in it. Our caramel apple fritters are awesome and we also have a toasted coconut that has Bavarian cream in it which is my new favorite,” described Hyatt.

Hyatt owns and operate the mouth-watering business.

Aside from sugary concoctions, the bakery is known for the decor, most of which is refurbished.

“I wanted somewhere that people could come and relax. Part of what we’re doing here in the store is that we have pictures, black and white pictures some of these date back to the 1900s,” said Hyatt.

She said the art, most of which is from local artists, is a conversation starter and a way to engage generations.

“I think history is really important and it excites me when I see young people taking an interest they are looking at the tables and asking grandparents and parents where was this, what was that all about,” said Hyatt.

As the doughnut shop continues to grow, it hopes to continue supporting the local community.

“One of the ways that we do [give back to the community] is we never sell day olds, we donate them to the shelter and that’s an important way of giving back to your community,” said Hyatt.

If you’re in the mood for something more than a doughnut, the shop also serves authentic Greek Coneys.

The shop is open Monday-Saturday.

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