Chlamydia on The Rise in Minnesota

22,000 Reported Cases Last Year

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Chlamydia is not only the most common STD, but is also the most reported infectious disease in Minnesota.

The majority of cases are young people between 15 to 25 years old.

The scary part is, you might not even know you have it.

The infection may have no symptoms in women, but when left alone, it can have dire effects.

“One of the severe consequences is, women can lose their fertility, which may not be a problem when they are young, but when they are older and want children, can be a huge problem.” said Dr. Andrew Thompson, a physician at St. Luke’s, who specializes in Infectious Disease.   

Men tend to show more symptoms than women do, such as a burning feeling, or unusual discharge.

Primary Care Clinics routinely test patients for STDs, but other clinics and non-profit health centers such as Planned Parenthood, also provide screenings.  

The Good news is, Chlamydia is not a virus, and is completely curable.

“This bacterial infection, when it’s treated, it’s gone. You get a clean slate.” said Dr. Thompson.

With over 20,000 cases reported in this state alone, it’s still important to be aware

 “The best thing to do is practice safe sex.” he said.

The Minnesota Department of Health awarded $56,500 to each of three nonprofit agencies, to find innovative ways to fight chlamydia in Minnesota. The grants run from October 1st of this year, to December 31st of 2017. 

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