Tweens’ Thoughts on Pot May Influence Drunken Driving

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A new study says tweens who think marijuana is cool may be more likely to drive drunk in high school.

Researchers also found the chance of riding with a drinking driver when they were 16 was higher.

The study only found an association between attitudes about pot and later drinking and driving.

A cause and effect link was not established.

Study authors say parents need to be talking with their kids in middle school on how to make healthy choices.
General Mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of the cereal labeled as “gluten-free.”

The product may have become contaminated after issues off-loading flour at a facility in California.

The company is in the process of converting five cheerio varieties to gluten-free.

This recall affects Honey Nut Cheerios and Classic Cheerios.

Company officials say the boxes may contain wheat.
Hospitals nationwide have made a lot of improvements to breast feeding support programs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The improvements included things like showing new moms how to breast feed and encouraging new moms to do so when a baby is hungry instead of on a set schedule.

While these improvements have helped, researchers say hospitals are falling short in other key areas like making sure healthy babies are solely fed breast milk and providing ongoing support for breast-feeding mothers after they leave the hospital.

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