2015 a Deadly Year on Minnesota Roads

It’s been a dangerous year on the road for drivers in Minnesota, as traffic fatalities have surpassed 300. 

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety reports there have been 304 fatalities on the roads so far this year.  

The numbers are alarming, as Minnesota did not reach the 300 fatality mark in 2014 until November 8. 

Of the 304 traffic deaths, 56 of them were motorcycle fatalities and 24 were pedestrian deaths.  

At this time last year, there were 41 motorcycle fatalities and 14 pedestrian deaths. 

Authorities say the 2015 fatality rate is alarming, however, the overall deaths on Minnesota roads continue to go down. 

In the past five years, Minnesota has seen a 12 percent decline in traffic fatalities. 

Authorities say half of drivers killed on Minnesota roads this year were not wearing seat belts. 

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