City Leaders Speak Out Against Ranked Choice Voting

Ness Joins Filipovich, Gardner, Julsrud, Russ and Sipress

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Duluth city leaders and several citizens took to the steps of City Hall, Sunday, to express their concerns on the issue of ranked choice voting. 

Mayor Don Ness joined City Councilors Zack Filipovich, Sharla Gardner, Jennifer Julsrud, Barb Russ, and Joel Sipress in publicly opposing a change to Duluth’s voting system.

The group has called the effort to change Duluth’s system from a two-step, primary and general election system a “solution in search of a problem.”

Councilor Julsrud said she believes changing the voting system would take power away from the electorate and place it into the hands of special interest groups, who will try to buy general elections through add campaigns.

Councilor Russ added that the current system of public forums would be made incredibly difficult in a ranked choice voting system with unlimited candidates vying for time and public attention. 

A referendum on Duluth’s voting process and ranked choice voting will be held on election day, November 3rd.

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