Dangerous Intersection to Get Safety Improvement

Intersection with High Number of Accidents to Become a 4-Way Stop

A dangerous intersection in Douglas County is about to get some improvements to make it safer.

The intersection of County Highways E & Z in Parkland is going to be turned into a four–way stop.

Right now there are only two stop signs.

Douglas County Highway Commissioner Jason Jackman says it’s a dangerous intersection and a recent study by MSA Professionals found something needed to be done about it.

Their crash data showed 28 accidents happened there during the past decade, 17 in the last five years.

That’s two or three times the crash rate of other similar intersections.

Jackman says because of the angle of the intersection people were stopping but not yielding to traffic because they couldn’t see it.

He also said the volume of traffic isn’t high enough to warrant adding a signal or a roundabout, so making it a 4–way stop was the best option.

The new stop signs will be installed October 19th and message boards are up warning motorists about the change.

Once the signs are in, the highway department will study the intersection to see if the number of crashes at the intersection go down.

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