Homecoming King Hartman’s Act Shows Royal Class

Two Harbors Senior Gave Up Crown to Special Needs Friend

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On the football field, Will Hartman is a key member of Two Harbors’ defense.  His classmates think so highly of him, that Will was voted Homecoming King.  But it’s what happened after will got his crown.  That showed this king’s true class.

The homecoming king gave up his crown to a special needs student, and Jason Arezzo was blown away by the gesture.
“It was good to know that someone was thinking about me,” said Arezzo. “It was a great gesture.  He earned it and gave it to me.”

“I wanted to win for Jason,” said Hartman.  “I think he deserves it the most.  I wanted to give him something to look back to in high school, so I decided to give him the crown.”

Diagnosed with Ataxia at a young age, Jason has virtually no control over his muscle movements.  However, he always has a smile on his face, which is why Will was so inspired by Jason.

“He has such a positive attitude every day in class,” said Hartman.  “He’s willing to do things everyone else does, and he does it with a really positive energy.  I’ve never seen him mad or sad, he’s always just happy as he can be.”

Students, teachers and administrators were impressed with the act.

“I can’t believe somebody could be so self–less,” said Two Harbors Principal Jay Belcsatro.  “To think how I would have been as a senior, would I have been somebody that would even think that way?  I was really impressed that will had the ability sit back, somewhat from a distance, and appreciate Jason, and appreciate the courage it takes to be Jason.

Belcastro says Will’s actions make him an inspiration to the entire Two Harbors community.
“How do you take your life and make somebody else’s better?  If we can do that,” Belcastro says, “what a legacy to leave and i think will left a legacy.”

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