Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrated in the Northland

Indigenous Community and Supporters Gather to Observe Holiday

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A growing number of cities including St. Paul, are now calling the 2nd Monday of October, Indigenous Peoples Day, to recognize Native Americans living here before Columbus arrived. 

All Nations Indigenous Center hosted a ceremony in Duluth, in observation of Indigenous Peoples Day.

The ceremony began at the civic center.

“I feel bad for a society who honors Columbus, takes days off work, just for a guy who…so called Christopher Columbus,” said Ron Boshay, a member of the Indigenous community in Duluth.

Representatives of the indigenous community spoke about their history, including the crimes committed by Columbus and his men, and why it’s important to observe the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples Day.   

Mayor Don Ness read a proclamation, officially dedicating the day to all people indigenous to this Nation.  

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