Candidates Square Off in Forum as Election Day Draws Closer

Larson and Horton Meet at Candidates Forum

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Duluth’s mayoral candidates went head-to-head at a forum Tuesday morning. 

Emily Larson and Chuck Horton answered questions about a number of issues facing the city of Duluth.

The candidates answered questions about Duluth’s housing concerns and problems with illegal drugs.

Most of the forum discussed the city’s budget including street repairs, bike lanes, the zoo and the library. 

Horton, a former boxing promoter, was on the attack for what he called unnecessary bonds and taxes, while Larson, who currently serves on Duluth’s City Council, defended the decisions the council has made so far.

“I stand behind this budget,” Larson said. “I think it is a very prudent and smart and responsible budget.”

Horton disagrees, claiming that there is a great deal of corruption and cronyism with the city’s government that needs to be addressed.

“What we have to do right now is we have to make the budget transparent,” he said. “Not for the government but for all of us.”

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 3.

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