Knowing Your Neighbors: The Chocolate Moose

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In this week’s Knowing Your Neighbors, we headed up to Ely where a town favorite and a mascot named Milton are keeping guests happy.

The Chocolate Moose has been a Northland staple for more than 30 years

“Most of the people who come up here are coming to these 1940s, 1950s, 60s cabins that are on the lake, and it’s a cabin, you know,” said co-owner, Matthew Roderick.

It’s a popular stop for those heading to and from the Boundary Waters looking for a healthy, home-cooked meal

Last year, the restaurant sold 7,500 walleye sandwiches.

While it serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, as the name suggests, dessert takes the cake.

“It’s like a whipped pudding, but it’s got a cookie, crust on it, and it’s got chocolate. It’s probably better than sex, I don’t know,” laughed Roderick.

Thirty-one years ago, the original owners made homemade ice cream in the basement.

Decades later, the legacy of Milton the moose still lives on in Ely.


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