Report: Russian Missile Shot Down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by a Russian missile over Ukraine in July of 2014. 

Dutch investigators released their final report Tuesday into the crash that killed 289 people. 

Investigators say the crash was a result of the detonation of a warhead outside of the plane, to the left of the cockpit. 

The BUK surface-to-air missile was fired somewhere within a 199 square mile area in the eastern part of Ukraine. 

The impact of the blast caused the forward part of the plane to tear off.  The plane broke up in the air and scattered over 31 miles. 

Officials told victim’s families that all on board died almost instantly.  

The Dutch Safety Board criticized the actions of Ukranian officials, saying they should have known the danger of flying civil aircraft in a warzone. 

Investigators say Ukraine failed to shut down the airspace as a precaution.  

A criminal inquiry into the crash is expected to be  completed by the middle of 2016. 

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