A look at Propane Prices for the Winter Months

$1.30 - $1.50 Average Price Per Gallon

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The brisk temperatures might have you thinking of turning the heat on in your home.

Some homeowners heat their houses on propane, and might be worried about affordability.

Supply and demand took a toll a few years ago when propane prices skyrocketed to $5-dollars a gallon.

Locally, fuel suppliers told us so far this year it’s a much different story as prices are reasonable, but there’s never a guarantee a spike won’t occur.

Although farmers use propane to dry their crops during fall harvest, most people think of the fuel as a way to heat their home.

Ryan Gunderson, with Superior Fuels, said the Midwest has the most affordable price for propane right now on average it is costing $1.30-$1.50 per gallon.

Gunderson said it’s a North American product that is green and quite affordable for customers.

In order to keep their prices competitive Superior Fuels has been stocking up on the fuel.

“Two years ago we did have that major spike in prices and a supply shortage so we have been preparing for this winter. We didn’t see it coming two years ago so we always want to be prepared going into the winter so we are making sure we are sitting plush with supply going into the winter,” said owner of Superior Fuels Ryan Gunderson.

Aside from Superior Fuels making sure they have enough propane on hand, they’re also urging customers to take part in a price protection plan – essentially you customers can buy fuel for up to 3-years at a locked in price.

Gunderson said the propane supply is drawing down a bit, so there could be a spike in the months ahead.

A lot of the price depends on how cold the first part of winter is and if farmers need to use a lot of propane to dry their crops. 

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