Beetles Invading Homes

Asian Lady Beetles Seeking Shelter Ahead of Coming Winter

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The Asian Lady Beetle started making appearances in homes throughout the Northland over the weekend.

The Asian Lady Beetle is similar to the common lady bug,  but is replacing the native insect in areas like Duluth.

As temperatures change the insects seek shelter from cold weather that is potentially fatal.

While they asian lady beetle is not harmful to humans, the bugs can give off a noxious odor, and clump together in corners of rooms, windows, and ceilings.

Experts say the best way to prevent the bugs from getting into a home is to seal all openings well, because the asian lady beetle is adept at finding crevices to hide in.

If the bugs do enter your home the best way to remove them is by sucking them up with a vacuum.

More information on the asian lady beetle can be found here.  

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