International Contingent Visits Scholastica

College Hosts International Health Care Workers

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The College of St. Scholastica hosted a contingent of visitors from the former Soviet Union. 

Health care workers from countries like Uzbekistan and Ukraine stopped in Duluth Wednesday as part of a tour of the United States. 

The group is on the three week United States tour learning health care best practices and how those practices can be applied in their home countries. 

Ryan Sandefer, Director of the Department of Health Informatics at the College of St. Scholastica said Wednesday, the vision of St. Scholastica is to change the world and that can’t be done unless the college works with a diverse group of international stakeholders.

Sandefer said the visit was also an opportunity for the college to expand it’s global footprint by teaching it’s techniques to people who will take them and lessons back to their own countries. 

The group of international health care workers might have only been in Duluth for the day, but their U.S tour is runs through October 24. 

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